EPA Manifest Required

Why The EPA Has Required Manifests For Over 20 Years

In 1987 John Moran, Jr. testified to Congress that PCB, Inc. had paid him cash bonuses to illegally dump more than 2,000 PCB contaminated capacitors into rivers and lakes around Kansas City, Missouri. Due to poor record keeping, neither Moran, the EPA, or PCB, Inc. could account for the PCB contaminated capacitors in question.

To verify his story the EPA gave Moran a polygraph, which he failed. Moran was charged with lying to the EPA but later acquitted by a jury who believed "it was possible" that he did dump toxic waste into surrounding waters.Consequently, today the EPA requires strict adherence to manifesting PCB contaminated electrical equipment to prevent another Moran debacle in the future.

These 55-gallon drums of PCB waste
were neglected and found leaking on a
New Jersey golf range
. Un-manifested
PCB contaminated material not only
threatens public health, but leaves all
parties associated with the waste liable
for cleanup costs.
Congressional Letter to EPA administrator from "PCB Disposal: Is the EPA doing its job? Hearing before a subcommittee of the Committee on Government Operations, House of Representatives, April 6, 1987."